Mobile Court
by Portico Sport

Introducing the latest innovation in padel court technology.

Our patented Mobile Court, meticulously designed and engineered by our expert Engineering Department, is revolutionizing the market and it was the first of its kind in the padel industry.

This groundbreaking court eliminates the need for costly ground preparation expenses and permit acquisitions. With only a drained surface required to prevent water accumulation, our court offers unparalleled convenience and cost savings.

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Move it anywhere!

What sets our court apart is its innovative counterweight box system, ensuring sturdy support without the need for ground anchoring. This means you can enjoy sports activities in your desired location for years to come, or effortlessly relocate it whenever needed.

But that’s not all – our court’s special counterweight box system also makes it incredibly resilient, capable of withstanding wind speeds of up to 114.12 km/h.

Remarkable Features

  • Withstand wind speed of 114.12 km/h.
  • No screws required for ground anchoring.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
  • Same premium quality as a permanent court.
  • Perfect integration into any environment
  • Crafted with premium materials for maximum strength and durability.

Seeking a court with mobility options?

The mobile court is your best bet!

Experience the benefits of our innovative mobile padel court system.

  • Less bureaucratic issues and streamlined processes, you can enjoy quicker concessions, saving valuable time.
  • You’ll save on expenses as our courts do not require extensive floor repairs.
  • Designed to be versatile and adaptable, this court can be easily transported to various environments and locations, making them ideal for events or installations where making holes is not possible.
  • Our Mobile Court offers attractiveness for leasing opportunities, reducing risk and commitment.
  • Rest assured with our 10-year warranty on the structural integrity of our courts.

Choose convenience, flexibility, and reliability with our Mobile Court.

Experience the excellence of

our premium quality court structure.

Crafted with galvanized steel painted structure, our court ensures maximum resistance to abrasion and oxidation. The court structure consists of HOT DIP GALVANIZED S275 JR steel profiles, attached to the mobile base using countersunk metal anchors. Plus, its assembly process is seamless, thanks to self-locking safety screws and nuts made of galvanized steel.

Experience the pinnacle of padel court excellence with our premium quality court structure. Choose the color that suits your preference, and elevate your sports experience today.

Portico Sport Mobile Court

Compatible with the following Padel Court Models:

Club Court

You can move padel in one of our most sought-after courts.

Panoramic Court

Enjoy padel with a panoramic view of the surroundings.

Single Court

Same strength in smaller dimensions for solo players.

Mini Court

A reduced-size padel court that fits anywhere.

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and we’ll furnish you with all the details you need.